Loadout – A Tengu Is My Hauler

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Loadout – A Tengu Is My Hauler

3 Canes…

Arazu …

2 Zealots…



2 Wolfs…


3 Inty’s…


12 billion isk of cargo on board and a losec or nullsec gate camp such as this really doesn’t phase me.

So why doesn’t a gatcamp concern me?  Or for that matter why am I carrying 12 billion isk of goods and using gates and jump bridges rather than sticking it in a jump freighter?

The answers…

  • The cargo hold is chock full of small but extremely valuable items for the nullsec market;
  • Early on I didn’t have the skills for a jump freighter;
  • Later on, setting up cyno’s and stuffing around with the whole jump freighter logistics thing was just too much effort and it was quicker just to gate and jump bridge through half the time anyway;
  • And very importantly, I’m in a cloaky, stabbed and nullified Tech 3 cruiser.  Unless the gate campers are pro there’s almost zero chance that they’ll ever tackle and kill me;


So why a Tengu?  Well firstly it has enough cargo hold to carry many tens of billions worth of very pricey items for the market.  It’s cloaky like many other ships, it can fit warpcore stabilizers like many other ships also (although often you can fit one or two more on a T3 cruiser which can be very valuable), but the big draw card is that it can become immune to warp disruption bubbles in nullsec.

I’ve been using a setup such as this for some years now and not once have I ever been popped, in fact not once have I ever been successfully tackled either. And it’s paid off handsomely!  If you’re a noob trader and not in a jump freighter yet, and have identified various smaller high end items to sell in nullsec, have a good look at the setup below as something you can use for yourself.


High Slots

Covert Ops Cloaking Device.  Fairly self explanatory.  There’s not much point in putting anything else in the highs, including weaponry.  Just assume that you’ll die if you get properly tackled as this ship is built purely for evasion, not offence.


Mid Slots

Microwarp Drive propulsion module, Shield Extenders and Shield Resistance Amplifiers.  On the off chance that you get locked but not tackled (which does happen, for example if you can’t cloak but you have enough warpcore stabs to get out of trouble) then the extra shield tanking can come in handy to keep you alive long enough to align for warp and get safe.


Low Slots

ALL warpcore stabilzers. It’s very rare that anyone’s been able to lock me however the odd time that they have I’ve always been able to warp out due to having the warp stabs installed. Don’t leave home without them.



Three tech 2 Low Friction Nozzle Joints. Remember this is a ship made primarily for evasion, secondly for defence and third for offence (which is given no consideration at all).  Therefore you want something that will help you to align asap and warp out in the event that you can’t cloak for whatever reason.


Propulsion – Interdiction Nullifier:  this is the subsystem that allows you to warp in and out of warp disruption bubbles, it’s non-negotiable;

Defensive – Supplemental Screening: gives you a combination of the best tank and highest number of mid slots (over high slots) for adding additional tank;

Offensive – Covert Reconfiguration: allows the use of Covert Ops Cloaking Device, again it’s non-negotiable;

Engineering – Capacitor Regeneration Matrix: gives the most low slots possible, but otherwise doesn’t really have any other benefit for the particular task of evading aggressors;

Electronic – CPU Efficiency Gate: as with the subsystem above, it allows the highest number of low slots which you can put warpcore stabilizers in.  It also gives you a little more CPU but you’re not close to maxing out CPU anyway so this isn’t a strong consideration.


Eve Billionaire Shopping Trolley Tengu

You don’t necessarily have to use a Tengu either, you’ll be able to achieve a very similar loadout using any Tech 3 cruiser.  And in some cases you can also fit more warpcore stabilizers on which is always a good thing when you’re carrying such valuable cargo.

Ultimately, short of a jump drive capable ship, this is a combination that simply can’t be beat.  The Interdiction Nullifier subsystem makes warp disruption bubbles useless, the warpcore stabilizers make most use of warp jamming useless, and the cloak means that 99 times out of 100 they won’t be able to even get a lock on you anyway.  The remainder of the setup is reasonably secondary as long as you have these three main ingredients, and regardless of what I carry on board I’ll always punch headlong through gates without any concern for what’s on the other side while I have this setup.

Likely the only time you’ll run into trouble is in one of two scenarios:

  • A mega-blob of ships – if there’s hundreds of ships waiting for you on the other side of the gate and the FC has presence of mind enough to get them to spread out at roughly the right distance from the gate that you’ll decloak on then you might end up close enough to one of them that you can’t activate your cloaking device.  And if there’s that many ships around you then there’s a decent chance they might get enough tackle on you to overwhelm your warp stabs, and then apply an insane amount of DPS that you have no chance of tanking.  That’s a win for them.
  • There’s a few pro gate campers out there who really know how to properly fit and fly an interceptor with remote scan res and command module boosting, and can virtually instalock or decloak anything that jumps through the gate.  If you do get caught out in this manner your only hope is that they don’t get enough tackle on you and you can warp out before the rest of the group can start applying damage to you.  It’s a bit of a toss of the coin and the result is largely dictated by how the rest of the aggressing fleet is made up.

Some might say that the modules, rigs and subsystems used are overpowered. Some might also say that the pilots in the gatecamps and aggressing fleets just aren’t very pro…  either way the outcome for intrepid traders like you and me is pretty much always the same… we make it through.

And that’s a win for us.