Loadout – The Billion Isk Loadout (Hauler)

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Loadout – The Billion Isk Loadout (Hauler)

So what does the Billion Isk Hauler Loadout actually mean?

Well first up I can tell you that it’s not what it costs to put this particular ship together.

It is in fact the very ship I used when filming all of the advanced lessons in the Eve Mogul video series of Eve trading guides and market tutorials. Forget blockade runners, forget freighters and jump freighters. Sure you can train for advanced ships if you want, but make no mistake this hauler or its racial equivalent is all you need to achieve the following:

  • Haul enough items around the Eve Online universe safely to build a thriving market operation;
  • Do the above effectively enough that you build a multi-billion isk account, even from a tiny 10 million isk starting account balance as demonstrated in the video series;
  • And continue on to an expanded market operation that allows you to PLEX your account every single month.

Here’s the exact ship type and loadout I used:

Ship Type

Iteron Mark III (tech 1 industrial)

So why only a Mark III and not a Mark V? Because that’s all I could use when I needed to buy an industrial ship, and also due to the fact that I just don’t need anything bigger to achieve the isk income I do.


High Slots

Empty, no use for them.


Mid Slots

Microwarp Drive propulsion module, never really used it but doesn’t hurt to have it on if you want to give the autopilot a hurry along while you’re moving between point A and point B without any cargo on board.

Eve Mogul Loadout Billion Isk Hauler Modules

Upgraded EM Ward Amplifier and Meta 4 medium shield extender, just for a little extra tank in case I get aggression. Although in all honesty if someone wants to pop your T1 hauler they can do it pretty easily.


Low Slots

Expanded Cargoholds. These weren’t required all the time unless I had a particularly large batch of items to haul to market. I’d also carry around with me tech 1 Warpcore Stabilizers for times when I had a smaller load of more valuable items, or if I didn’t need the low slots for the two modules just noted I’d fit Nanofiber Internal Structure modules which allowed me to reduce travel times via increasing my ship speed and reducing my align times.



Three Hyperspatial Velocity Rigs. A lot of traders and haulers will simply put cargo expander rigs on almost out of habit, but I simply never needed the extra cargo space to keep the market stocked and isk fountain pumping into my account.

The Hyperspatial Velocity Rigs simply make my warp time between gates quicker and cut a decent amount of time off the trips I had to make. And for me personally this is more important than extra cargo space I didn’t need, or additional tank which I never really need either.

You’ll be able to do similar in all racial tech 1 industrial ships, and there’s no real need to train immediately for more advanced ships when you’re starting out trading as you just don’t need them. Sure the advanced ships can become handy for when you trade outside of highsec, or if you feel the need to trade in bulky items like minerals and ore, or ship hulls, but you’d be much better served putting your training time initially into your Trade skills.