What Is Eve Mogul


Totally Updated Eve “Hostspot Trading” Technique For 2018!

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(The above 2018 guide supersedes the guide below. EveMogul.com is no longer taking new members.)

Premium Eve-Online Market & Trading Video Guides


EVE MOGUL is a set of premium-video market trading guides for the Eve Online universe that will teach you exactly what you need to do to make your first billion isk, using no other method than trading on the Eve market.


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Nine awesome reasons why Eve Mogul will make you space-rich:

  • 10,000% capital growth.  Start with your own sourced 10 million isk and turn it into 1 billion using the methods taught.
  • Structured learning.  Multiple videos with extensive footage starting you from the very basics right through to multiple methodology universe-spanning trading strategies.
  • Market PvP.  Trading has its own unique method of PvP, a lot of it based on psychology and subterfuge. Join Eve Mogul and find a section devoted just to this.
  • No cryptic BS.  The doors are blown wide open on how to make isk using only the market and everything is totally transparent.  No reading between the lines required and full transaction logs shown.
  • No scams.  This is totally legitimate market trading that can be scaled up to massive levels, with no scams involved whatsoever.
  • Multiple methods.  You’ll access three unique methods to trade the Eve markets.  Find your strength and leverage it to build your trading empire.
  • Any location. The modules are filmed in high security space, but the methods do carry over into null-sec and in fact null-sec can be the most lucrative area of all.
  • Ongoing support.  Something not working for you?  As a paid member you will get unlimited Evemail and email support to ensure you can follow all of the methods taught.
  • Just the beginning…  These guides are just the start!  Once you’ve mastered these methods a whole new world of possibilities will open up for you and chances are you’ll identify opportunities yourself that will launch you onto multiple tens and hundreds of billions!