The “ONLY” skill to train to become an Eve Billionaire

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The “ONLY” skill to train to become an Eve Billionaire

Yep.  You can ignore every other skillbook in the entire game and still only need to train one skill up to level five to become a billionaire, and in all honesty you can actually do this without even training it to level five.

But make no mistake, reaching this skill at any level will absolutely enable you to become an Eve Billionaire.

This is a pretty hypey claim though, but as usual with my Eve trading guides (cunningly disguised as blog posts) I always clarify my claim before launching into the juicy bits of information you can use.

This trading guide title assumes that:

  • You are gunning for one skill to get to level 5, and this also includes any and all pre-requisite skills required;
  • Every single other skill in the game is ignored;
  • There are no other limitations;
  • Training this one skill to the exclusion of everything else will allow you to become an Eve billionaire.

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Let’s start with some hints then.

Well first of all, you’re on a website that is devoted to making isk in Eve, primarilly through market trading.  So if you’re already thinking it’s a skill from the “Trade” category then you’d be heading in the right direction.

OK so let’s work on an example:  let’s say that I buy five Medium Core Defense Field Purger rigs cheaply from Jita for 3.5 million isk, and I go to a mission hub and sell them for 5.5 million later that day.  Assuming that every Trade skill is trained to five, how can each effect this particular transaction:[/one_half]

Eve Online Trading Guides Trade Skill List

Transaction Cost Skills

Accounting and Broker Relations both reduce our transaction costs, so if we have one of these maxed out (remember we’re only talking about one skill trained to level 5) then for sure we’ll get some benefit.  If standings towards station owners aren’t considered you would choose Accounting as it will have the greater effect on reducing the transaction costs.

Contracting Skills

They don’t have any effect on this transaction.

Remote Effect Skills

Daytrading, Marketing, Procurement, Visibility – have no effect on this transaction and can’t really contribute in any meaningful way to make the scenario more profitable.

Margin Trading

Can be extremely beneficial in station trading, although on it’s own trained to level five it won’t be hugely helpful in any trading scenario.  And it’s definitely not going to increase your profits on this trade example.

Market Slot skills

Trade, Retail, Wholesale, Tycoon.  Now we’re talking…

You train Tycoon up to level 5 and not only can you sell those rigs once, you can sell them in 305 different places simultaneously!  Or (more wisely and practically) you can use the 305 market slots you have to sell all kinds of items in the one place.  Ultimately, Tycoon (and to a lesser extent the other pre-requisite skills) are the skills that will unlock an obscene amount of isk profits for you.

Generally speaking, the more different items you can list and the more market slots you use, the richer you’ll get.  This is true in the absense of any other skills, and it’s magnified once you start training up in other specialised areas of the game as well.

But how do I move stuff if I have no other skills?

  • Start out by station trading while training towards Tycoon;
  • Once you have some isk start listing courier contracts to get your stock moved around;

Sure it’s not perfect and I didn’t claim it to be, but it illustrates the point that if you train towards one skill and only pick up the pre-requisites along the way that Tycoon is perhaps the most effective isk making skill in the game.

And given it’s importance you can be sure that when you do start using it in conjuction with various other activities available in game that you’ll be rolling in isk in no time.  I’m pretty sure that if you check out the skill set of the richest players in Eve you’ll find that the majority of them have Tycoon trained, or are exceptionally close to it.

So if you’re not winning Eve yet, maybe it’s because you’re training the wrong thing.